How to taking a great senior portrait

The secret to taking a great senior portrait photo is the chemistry between the photographer and the model. I always talk with my clients about school, sports, movies and what they want to do after graduation. Talking about other things during the photo shoot makes the model relax and not feel self conscience.

Allow enough time for the senior portrait photo shoot. Zdrada photos allow up to 60 minutes to accomodate changes in clothing, hair changes and makeup. Senior boys may be lower maintenance but sometimes need a little extra encouragement for the smile. Zdrada Photos senior portraits sessions never make you feel rushed, or leave you waiting for your turn with the camera. For the young women it can be a glam session for the young men quick and painless.

Having an outdoor studio and indoor studio at the same location for your senior portrait shoot is a must. A changing room and bathroom on site is important because changing in your car is no fun. Lighting for the senior portrait is critical, the out door location should be well shaded and away from cars and traffic. Your high school senior portraits are a once in a lifetime event.

What makes Zdrada Photos unique? We are with you from start to finish, we take your pictures, we interact directly with the seniors and parents, we edit the photos and we take of you. Many commercial photography companies send your images to a lab where they are edited by lab technicians not the photographer that took the photo. They have no idea of your personality. Making you look like you, at your best, is what we do. "We focus on you."

Music playing in the background while photographing your senior portrait session is a must. I often suggest that they can bring their ipod or choose a play list from "Pandora" or "Songza". The senior portrait session should be fun.

Senior portraits are also a great time to take a few buddy shots. Some of your clients senior friends, their dog, a sibling, can take a few photos together.

High school seniors, need to choose the right outfits for their senior portraits based on their personal style, fashion, the school dress code and appropriate fit. How to take a great senior portrait is easy when you take some time to try on your outfit and make sure that it fits properly. Bring extra shirts just incase you pop a button. See frequently asked questions for tips on dressing and makeup.

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